Betty Vandevort


Betty Vandevort


Betty Roberts Vandevort, born January 27, 1932 in Missouri, was the second of six kids. The family moved from Missouri to California in the mid 1930's and ended up in a small town in the bay area, Albany.

Betty came from a family of quilters. Her mother sent fabric scraps leftover from the clothes she made for the six kids back east to her grandmother in Oklahoma. Her grandmother hand pieced the scraps to make quilt tops and sent them back to California for Betty's mother to quilt.

Betty started making her own quilts in 1987.  She retired from Budweiser in 1995 and quilting became her life.  She joined the SCVQG (Santa Clarita Valley Quilt Guild) in 1995 and was a member about 10 years. She joined a mini group called Sisters in Stitches the same year.  This group is still together meeting every Wednesday at her house.  She also belongs to two other mini groups that meet once or twice a month, the Tuesday Floozies and the Frazier Park the Pine Needles.

Betty was on a waiting list for two years for the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association and became a member in 1997.  She became a member of Valley Quilt Guild in 1996.  She left for a short time but has been back for years.

Betty has made probably 400-500 quilt tops and probably in excess of 200 completed quilts. She loves to make tops. Her grandmother made tops also and sent them back to California to be quilted by Betty's mother.  Making quilt tops must be hereditary in her family!

Betty made quilts for her four children, nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren for Christmas every year.


Betty wakes up every Friday morning excited to see what Jenny from Missouri Star has to offer.  She has been called "Quilt in a day Betty."

In Betty's spare time she donates her time to the Vets Project, Pillow Cases for the foster kids, Quilters for Others and to whom ever else may need some help.